Nourish your Spirit

Evolved Living is a design methodology developed by Andrea Kantelberg with a focus on creating healthy beautiful interiors that elevate your feelings of well-being, nourish your spirit, feed your soul and provide you with the foundation to live your best life possible.

A conscientious authentic approach

Evolved Living delivers health and well-being through thoughtful design and a conscientious authentic approach. As we know better we do better. We ensure our choices are utilized to encourage wellness, healing, and act as daily nourishment within your interior.

An Investment into your well-being

We are creating a tangible way of feeling better, a quality of lifestyle through our physical environments for clientele excited about a new way of living. An investment into your well-being. The new affluence is about the experience of living well and being healthy.

For more information, please contact us at design@andreakantelberg.com

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